Tug Trainer

The NAUTIS Tug Trainer allows captains to experience and train the handling of tugs with different propulsion systems during tug operations. Various types of tugs are available with different kinds of propulsion systems, ranging from conventional shaft propellers to ASD and tractor tugs. The NAUTIS Tug Trainer includes an easy to use set of instructor tools to prepare and control maneuvering exercises, multi-tug operations and finetune ship maneuvering parameters. VSTEP offers integrated simulators combining the NAUTIS Tug Trainer software with different hardware configurations, to suit your budget and according to your training and certification requirements.

Training Goals:
The NAUTIS Tug Trainer is certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). It is a high quality simulator that caters to a wide range of training goals in full compliance with the latest STCW & IMO requirements. The NAUTIS Tug Trainer can be used for:

  • Basic navigation, ship handling and manoeuvring
  • Assisting ships
  • Towing
  • Rig moves
  • Ship handling and manoeuvring of conventional and azi propulsion systems
  • Equipment familiarization
  • Joint multi-vessel exercises

Key Features
The NAUTIS Tug Trainer includes groundbreaking features to guarantee a realistic simulation experience:

  • Library of different size tugs with different propulsion systems, fully configurable by the instructor
  • Ship dynamics model based on forces, with 6 degrees of freedom motion
  • Realistic tug-ship interaction forces at the bow and stern of cargo vessels, taking into account both hull and propulsion interaction
  • Interaction forces adjustable by the instructor/ship dynamics engineer
  • Advanced rope dynamics system, including line elasticity and snap force. Towing line parameters adjustable by the instructor
  • Realistic tug friction characteristics when pushing ships
  • Realistic direct and indirect towing characteristics
  • Instructor can control towed vessels and multiple tugs, for complex towing operations (e.g. vector tugs)
  • Portable tug control console with azimuth controls or conventional propulsion controls
  • Scalable from multi-screen, portable desktop trainer to 360° fixed simulator set-up
  • Option to show all forces as vectors, to maximize the learning effect
  • Option to perform exercises with or without instructor control
  • Azimuth transverse arrest forces, when thrusters are turned sideways
  • Bollard pull visible for instructor
  • Instructor control over towing, mooring and anchor winches
  • Switch for forward-looking or reverse looking, with corresponding switch of controls

The NAUTIS Tug Trainer includes advanced ship to ship forces including bow, stern & propeller forces. Forces can be displayed as vectors during exercises, to maximize the learning effect.

Instructor Station
NAUTIS Tug Trainer Simulators ship with an Instructor Station that gives the instructor full real-time control during the simulation exercises. The Instructor Station includes a wide range of features:

Influence Weather & Sea State Conditions
Using the NAUTIS Instructor Station, an instructor can introduce a more severe sea state, increase the wind or set the current on the fly, during a training session. The simulator vessels immediately respond to changed conditions, forcing the trainee to take the appropriate actions.

Recording and playback
Exercises can be fully recorded for effective debriefing sessions.

Introduce propulsion and navigational equipment failures
During a training session, the instructor can introduce faults and failures to the propulsion system and navigation equipment, teaching the trainee the correct response procedures.

Adjust vessel dynamics
The Instructor Station has facilities for adjusting the propulsion system and dynamics of a vessel. Using technical data and sea trial data, the maneuvering characteristics of any desired vessel can be matched.

Simulator Configurations
Both portable and fixed NAUTIS Tug Trainer simulator configurations are available, depending on client requirements and training/certification goals. The portable solutions can be realised using just a few laptops, vessel control boxes and displays, while the fixed NAUTIS tug simulator set-ups allow for a completely realistic tug bridge experience.

Configurations are possible with various visual display systems such as standard PC monitors, large LCD panels, or projection on a flat or curved screen. NAUTIS can also be used during the preparation phase of rig moves. Multiple trainee stations can log into the same session, so a rig move can be completely rehearsed by all the parties involved. The procedures can be practiced in a safe simulation environment, reducing the chances of error or miscommunication during the actual operation.

Additional Options
For even more advanced training, additional simulator software modules can be integrated:

NAUTIS can interface to real, IMO Type-Approved Radar/ARPA systems with the use of the NAUTIS Radar Interface add-on product. The Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital ChartRadar and the MARIS Radar/ARPA can be connected to NAUTIS without the need for special hardware.

ECDIS training
Real shipboard Type-Approved ECDIS system can be interfaced to NAUTIS. VSTEP can supply ECDIS systems from Kelvin Hughes, MARIS and other suppliers, to supplement the NAUTIS Tug Trainer.

NAUTIS Communications Trainer
It permits multiple students to communicate with each other and with the instructor. Students can be assigned to specific radio channels. International communication standards can be trained.

Linking with other NAUTIS simulators for joint exercises
The NAUTIS Tug Simulator can be linked with the NAUTIS Full Mission Bridge (FMB) and NAUTIS desktop simulators so joint exercises can be trained using different simulators. (e.g. Cargo vessel on FMB simulator, Tugs on NAUTIS Tug Simulators)

Customer Support
VSTEP provides customer support from its headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, supported by a global network of local partners. Depending on the customer’s requirements, VSTEP offers different support agreements to ensure high quality service, whenever and wherever needed.