DNV Class A

Combine bridge consoles with NAUTIS simulation software in a DNV certified Class A simulator, compliant to the latest IMO STCW requirements. This Full Mission Bridge Simulator integrates advanced bridge consoles with a full simulator experience using either projection or high-end flat screen visualisation technology.

DNV has defined a Class A type simulator, based on the STCW standards on the use of simulators. The NAUTIS DNV Certified Class A bridge simulator is designed based on these requirements.

This configuration integrates 11 PCs and 7-9 outside view displays, for a view of 240° up to 360° viewing angle. For the outside view displays, LCD TV's can be used, or a projection configuration with either flat or curved projection screens.

The NAUTIS DNV Class A simulators are required to be configured in combination with an Instructor Station. There is also an optional Debriefing Station available.